About us

Hi! My name is Candice, I was introduced to jewelry by my mom and grandma.  My mom is obsessed with jewelry and my grandma although now is in heaven was equally in love with jewels. I hope to pass this love onto my children.    

I have been making jewelry for over 20 years… I started mostly making earrings for my friends and myself.  Then I took a very long break to work in the corporate world as a cosmetics buyer.  Once I had my son in 2017 and then daughter in 2019 I started dipping my toe in fine and semi fine jewelry to bring in some income without having to return to back to the office.  In 2021 my family and I moved outside of Nashville and I once again took a jewelry break because I felt removed not being near the DTLA jewelry district and all my friends.  While living in Nashville I was introduced to permanent jewelry and fell in love with it! Ive added this service to my offerings. I work with 14k gold, gold filled and sterling silver and can make bracelets, anklets, necklaces and even rings by either zapping them on or wire wrapping 💖.  If you’re in the Nashville area and are having a party to celebrate a birthday, bachelorette , Valentine's Day, or Mother’s Day please email me at: cwatral@gmail.com 💕🎀

xoxo Candice