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The Aura Mood Stone- Heart Ring

The Aura Mood Stone- Heart Ring

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100% Handmade heart shaped color changing mood ring. I am so in love with this totally unique spin on the classic mood stone color changing ring! Stone size 12mm x 12mm and is available in 14k sterling silver or brass. Each ring is completely hand made with love. 🔮

Care for your mood stone: please remove while washing hands, using hand sanitizer, showering, swimming or any prolonged period of water exposure. The mood stone does not like water and could potentially stop changing colors if prolonged water exposure.

Color meaning 🌈

Black- stressed AF

Red- feeling fearful

Yellow- nervous jitters

Green- emotional roller coaster

Blue- chill

Dark blue- next level chill

Purple- beyond chill, borderline comatose

Pink- flirty

Peach- lustful

Turquoise- blissful

All items are handmade in Los Angeles. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for production.

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